Can I track "business card" QR Codes?

The majority of QR Codes that are generated point to website URLs.

However, you can also create QR Codes that resolve to text messages, or to a person's Business Card information. In the case of text or "business card" QR Codes, QReate & Track cannot report on those scans. The reason is that the app used to scan those codes do not send any data to our servers.

However, what a lot of companies are doing is pointing the QR Code on business cards to pages on the web. For example, you could point the QR Code to a YouTube video where specific rep introduces themselves.Or, you could point the QR Code to a mobile-optimized landing page that shows the Rep’s picture, their phone number, and provides links to all of the ways they can be contacted (web, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Email, etc)

In those scenarios, you can not only track the scans, but you are also making it easy for people to contact the rep in whichever format they prefer.