How can I tell the location of a scan?

IP Addresses can help to provide a general idea as to where the scan came from.

So let’s say a marketer puts QR Codes on their products, and distributes those products throughout the US. They would be able to see if the majority of their scans are coming from certain areas (i.e. New York City). With that info, they may decide to put more QR Codes on products that are shipped to that area, and perhaps do other mobile marketing activities in that area too (i.e. sending out text messages). On the other side, it may help them realize that a certain area is not quite responding with the same excitement to mobile-based offers, and may need to adjust their approach accordingly in that location.

Please note: the location data associated to an IP Address is not always 100% accurate in regards to where the actual scan takes place. It may vary based on where a phone is registered or via which tower it's connecting to).

Thus, we often recommend that if you are trying to identify if certain locations are scanning QR Codes more than others, create a unique QR Code for each location and then distribute and measure accordingly.