I'm putting a QR Code in an advertisement that will run in multiple locations. How do I track each separately?

As a registered user of QReate & Track, you will see a "Track this URL" option each time you generate a website QR Code.

If you use the "Track this URL" option, the system creates a special, unique trackable URL each time.

For example, let’s say that you were going to run a print ad in 6 different magazines. You want each of the ads to take people to Newsweek.com, but, you would want to track how many people scanned the code from each magazine.

To do this in QReate & Track, you would create a QR Code for http://newsweek.com 6 different times.. each time you would check the “Track this URL” box. The system would produce 6 unique QR Codes. When people scan them, they will be directed to newsweek.com. However, the system will track which code/magazine they responded from.