Why would someone need more than one QR Code?

Here are two scenarios where people might create more than one QR Code in a month:

• Tracking the Effectiveness of a Print Advertisement: Let’s say that you are going to run an ad in Time magazine and Newsweek. You would want to know how many people visited your website via the Ad in Time vs. the one in Newsweek. Thus, you would create 2 QR Codes. Each time you create one as a registered user, the system makes a unique, trackable code. Thus, people that scan the QR Code in Time magazine will be tracked separately than the Newsweek QR Code scans.

• Personalized URLs – Perhaps you are sending a mailing to 1000 people, and each mailing will contain a Personalized URL. In this scenario, you would want a separate QR Code created for each unique URL. That way, when I scan the code on my mailer, it takes me to KatieSadlier.GoHere.com. But when you scan your QR Code, it takes you to BarbaraMurphy.GoHere.com